ConnectWise Control 20.2

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20.2.29488 (2020-08-25)

Reported issues:

  • Session Manager check error
  • Unresponsive UI after a long period of inactivity
  • Memory leak
  • Service restarting itself

Build: 20.2.29488


Issue Type Components Summary
Story-bug Mono Server

Mono server installer hangs and crashes on last step of Setup Wizard

Story-bug Mono Server

Mono server has issues restarting services

Story Installer, Linux, Mono Server, Server

Halt install when license does not work with version being installed (Linux)

Bug Mono Server

"Object must implement IConvertible" error when attempting to save database maintenance plan

Bug Mono Server

ASP.NET page directive "Assembly" does not correctly resolve paths for source files on Mono server

Bug Mono Server

Memory leak in Mono server

Bug Mono Server, Web Server Service

Missing intermediate certificate on Mono servers using SSL

When is the Control LINUX version going to get up to date with the Windows Version?? TIA

I have the same question, I think it has been almost a year since there was a release that is useable.

Same question here. I have been struggling for a year with only 50% uptime on Connectwise Control running on Linux. Might be time to seek out alternative solutions from other vendors.Looks like the Linux COnnectwise have given up on the Linux option.

It's not going to get updated to the windows version folks.  Matt already pretty much stated as much on an earlier thread....

@Wwarren we can always hope. I don't know what the engineering burden would be to get the versions in sync, but it does appear to be a good strategy if
1. you want to be known as a multi platform company
2. you want to offer alternatives in case, say, SSO stops your main product(s) from working
and so on...
Currently we are at a stalemate- I'm not putting any more money into my 6 licenses until CW make a public commitment to Control Linux. 
I can run up open source alternatives that have better long term prospects for each of the platforms I support, but ultimately I'd prefer to pay for something I'm already invested in. 
Cool projects get abandoned, I'm just surprised that Control has so much promise and is being left to die by beancounters

This is why I said no to automate. Control for Linux hasn't been that great the past year. Not stable at all.

Please continue to support and update the linux stream.

After what happened to Solarwinds... a developer pushing out a signed update that was hacked by the "insert country here"... I won't get anything that is not self hosted.

I have been running ScreenConnect for over five-years on Linux and we manage a Windows install for a client. The Linux version was lighter and worked great until about 12-18 months ago. So disappointing. 

I rebuilt our server thinking it was because we had it around for a long time. Turns out, it was just being neglected by ConnectWise's development team. 

ScreenConnect used to be the best product on the market. I guess it will soon be time to look elsewhere. There are a ton of remote support tools now. I feel for those locked into Automate and their other products. 

Decided to bite the bullet. Moved to self-hosted on Windows. Works great so far!

Wish that were an option at this point. After conferring with Connectwise Support, we decommissioned our old Windows sever and setup a new Linux one last January. It runs our in-shop database LIGHTNING fast and much more reliably. But, daily issues with control.

We even spent 2 days attempting to virtualize the Linux box on Windows and run ScreenConnect on the Windows side, but performance was dismal with our database app so we had to move it back. That was in October.

I was praying a fix was in the works, and it wouldn't come to this, but it looks like we're going to require a dedicated Windows server just to run this now, which would have been nice if they told us this a year ago.

Reply from ConnectWise as they are asking me to pay my renewal for the product:

Hi Alain,

Did you plan to discontinue linux server ?
There are no current plans to discontinue Linux support.

How long should I wait to have an update fixing your software ?
Linux is currently up to date and on the most recent revision for that Operating system.

Will Reilly
Sales Executive
ConnectWise Control

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Thank you for your message.
I am a long time user of screen connect and I used to enjoy thos product, but last year, I can just consider I am paying renewal for nothing, as the linux version of your product does not evolve and bugs are not fixed despite many requests that I can read in the forum and support portal.

Did you plan to discontinue linux server ?

How long should I wait to have an update fixing your software ?

The least I can expect from you would be a commercial gesture to offer this year update.

Thank you for your concern,
Best regards,

My installation on a Linux box has, for many months now, required a restart at least once a week due to mono reaching ~40% CPU utilization and becoming entirely unresponsive. An update would be very welcome. Running the current latest Linux release on CentOS Linux release 8.3.2011

It has been 8 months since there was a stable release for the Linux platform, when can we expect to see and update?

It would be nice to know the future of the product on the linux side.   Since it has been 8 months since the last release is there another release planned?  Before all the issues linux and windows were almost side by side released. 

Last week I spoke with ConnectWise and they told me a few interesting things:

  • The release dated July was actually released in the fall. They told me they back-dated it so people who were not under contract could still get it. 
  • There is a release in the works and it should be out 2021 Q1 (noted that the quarter ends in two weeks).
  • They have a new release plan in which they intend to do a release for Linux quarterly. 

I renewed our license for another year. Hopefully, they will update and release as intended. 

Bill, thanks for relaying the info.  I'm definitely looking forward to an updated Linux server release.

I have been asking these support questions regularly for months and get less precise but similar answers again and again. In the meantime, I only believe in this software again when there is actually another release that gives the feeling that Linux programmers are still working on this software.
And I will only renew my licenses when new and finally working versions appear here. And if that doesn't happen, I'm guaranteed not to wait many months without further development. In parallel, we check which alternative remote support solutions exist. If someone has good recommendations, I'm very interested.

Likewise. We started using MeshCentral for all of our critical business computers because Control us extremely unreliable, often at the worst possible times. It works great but is missing some of the functionality. Also looking at SimpleHelp.

You guys do realize we represent like 1% of their business model, right? Windows for the win! B*tches... ;)

What's coming up in 2021.5?

We’re very, very excited to bring you 2021.5 this spring, which includes one of our most-requested features: recording login attempts and lockouts in the audit log. Our developers have spent a lot of time fortifying the security of the product, and we hope this new feature becomes an integral part of your security management.

Additional improvements in 2021.5 include:

  • An update to the instructional dialog for macOS Big Sur
  • A new permission for creating a host pass

See our 2021.5 release notes for more details.

If you’re interested in testing a 2021.5 pre-release version for yourself, check out our download page. As always, we don’t recommend testing a pre-release version on a production server.

To receive email notifications on this latest release, use the "Follow" feature in the 2021.5 Output Stream thread.

Our old 2K8 server was to be decommissioned and we found the performance increase on Linux for our other applications was immense (on the same server.) We switched everything over, after emailing Connectwise support to see if there were any potential issues moving to Linux. They just pointed us to the documentation. You can imagine, if they had said "limited support" or anything along those lines, we would have made different decisions at that time. Essentially, they lied to us and caused us much wrong and harm by not being upfront.

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Hi Katie,

Can you elaborate more on this please?