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#LukeJ : We are also on-prem. However when I click Administration - Extensions - Browse Extension Marketplace - locate "

ConnectWise View Integration" -> There is no option to install this. It reads "You need a premium license to use this extension" vs for other extensions there is the "Install" button.

We are on version 20.1.27036.7360

#LukeJ : Under your "Installed Extensions", do you have "ConnectWise View Integration" installed?

It would be nice that when the stored credentials are hashed and stored locally on the endpoint, that it could be prefixed (or however you wish) with the technicians unique userid.

This will ensure that the credentials I stored for a server (which are Windows domain account) are NOT available to every other junior technician who should only have regular user access.

As you have it configured, for any server that I might share with my junior technicians, I cannot store credentials if they have a different level of Windows security to myself.

I totally understand that ManageStoredCredentials is a permission added per user role, and I want them (and I) to save credentials, so removing the global right for them is not the answer.

It would be a nice enhancement if you could encrypt and save the credentials on a per technician basis and not store them as one-for-all, as you do now.

And the local IP address (internal IP) of the client.

We too would like to separate servers from workstations so we can apply the "AccessLockMachineOnDisconnect" to servers but not to workstations when disconnecting. Ideally we'd like to add a value to custom property, as our servers are spread across several groups and applying the setting to just one group is not ideal, where as creating a custom property (for example IsServer : True / False) would be perfect.