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Hi Peter

Im not to sure. If you dont have access to those files then probably not right now.

Whilst I agree this would be much easier to change if there was an option to do so in the apperance settings, you can get round this for now, by replacing the actual image on your server.

You can find it in the ScreenConnect installation folder under images.

On our windows server thats in c:\Program Files(x86)\ScreenConnect\Images\LaunchWindowsGuestConnected.png

Just rename that (dont remove it) and replace it with one that you want to appear instead

I'd be interested in signing up for that. How do I do it? 

Can you give us an indication of how this will look/work?

Is this just the cloud hosted version ,or self-hosted versions also?

Does the fact this has changed back to 'Pending Review' mean that this feature is not on the horizon?

Seems an easy implimentation to me, but I could be wrong.

Yes thats correct.

My clients recognise my company logo, and not really the tiny icon i've chosen for our screenconnect installs.

Im afraid thats not really what I meant.

We use a seperate logo for our screenconnect installs. I was meaning to have our company logo on the message, not a larger verison of the taskbar icon.

Yes I'm aware of that, but for every day use, I dont use the Admin page very often, which is why a notification when signing in would be useful.

A simple Yes/No when connecting to ask if User concent is required would be perfect!