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This is completely possible if you use an extension to edit the web.config and app.config files. The only downside is that if you have a slow or old guest machine, the mouse cursor will flicker. The best way to prevent it is to block host input by default when they join and it can also prevent any accidental mouse movement on the tech's side. You might also want to disable clipboard sharing so the tech's clipboard doesn't overwrite the guest's clipboard.

Have you tried the Selective Lock on Disconnect extension? We just implemented it for servers only and it works great!

Hi Kirsten,

I have reached out to the forum guys and they helped me create an extension that didn't sacrifice anything in the menus. Feel free to mark this as completed if you want to.

If anyone who views this page wants to check it out, here is a link to the forum page:

Quick update, I made an extension that overlaps this section of the host page. It works but I had to remove a portion of the script to get it to work which removed the session name text box making session names a little more difficult to edit.

The part of the script I removed was:

$dl({ className: 'EditSessionPanel' }, [

I only removed it because the lines below it were preventing the URL to be changed.

It's still a makeshift setup so I'd like to see an official way for it to be done.

I don't know how this could be done as ScreenConnect has to run as a service to do most of what it can do which from my knowledge, can only be done through a windows install. 

Also I think it should be uninstalling itself in the first place if you run a support or meeting session.

I would recommend trying out the guest session starter exe extension.

I did some digging and found out that in the host page is a line labelled 


If its possible you could change it to something like


With that you could have a resource string that can be editable in the admin appearance tab that could change the URL. I'm not sure if it would conflict with anything as I only have a cloud test environment but this is all I know of right now.

In case you need more clarification it should be under this part of a script in the host page

SC.event.addGlobalHandler(SC.event.InitializeTab, function (eventArgs) {
    switch (eventArgs.tabName) {
        case 'Start':
            SC.ui.setContents(eventArgs.container, [
                $div({ className: 'InvitationPanel' }, [
                    $div({ className: 'InvitationTabContent' }, [
                        $div({ className: 'CodeTab', _tabName: 'Code' }, [

I would like an update on this as soon as possible as its been almost a month on a seemingly simple request.