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I guess that'll be why I haven't seen the change.  Why hasn't my cloud hosted package updated yet then please?

That would be perfect!!! My server is not hosted locally unfortunately.  Do you have an ETA for this change?

Is this still under review?  I have no idea why there should be the huge example in the middle of the screen.  I don't have a single customer that DOESN'T click on it and ask why nothing is happening.  Please just remove the image.

It's nice to have a reply after 4 months, but I'm afraid 90% of my customers use either Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, so this isn't a huge help for me.  It would be better if the original image could just be removed ...... It's just too confusing.

As an alternative, I'd like the option to change or remove the "example image" that shows the users what to click on.  I also have a problem whereby the majority of my customers will click on the example image that tells them to click on RUN.  This pushes the actual request behind the browser window.  They then can't get to it.  If the image wasn't there at all, it would be a massive improvement and save me hours.