Your comments

Yes, thank you, Always on Top is option now when you right click the session menu bar.  Would still like to do additional customization like font size, color.  Hopefully they will add it

i second that.  And yes i know there is a Theme Editor.  For the Faint of Heart it is not.

Please add this to ConnectWise.  I have 4 monitors and would be great for locking into place and moving sessions from monitor to monitor

I am not elderly nor are most of my clients but being to customize the size of font in the chat message window would be much appreciated.  Especially on 4K or 2K screens it's too small

I am right there with you.  What would be really great if we could resize SC Windows because they supported features in Windows 10 UI like Snap.  I wouldn't be as annoyed if i could use Hot Keys to move SC Windows around my Monitors ( I have 1 4K, 2 2K and one 1920x1080 Monitor in a Multi-Monitor Setup)