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We just released the Selective Extended Auditing extension, check it out

This was introduced in version 22.4, guess I'm late to update! 

Hi! Are your companies in PSA all marked as active? The integration is looking for whether the company is active in PSA, we only match active companies with ScreenConnect records. 

Hi All -- We encourage you to check out our latest update to Backstage -- the Backstage file manager (item two in our release notes). We believe this addresses the need to transfer files without disturbing the end user, and a bunch of other stuff you can do with a file manager "behind the scenes." Please let us know what you think! 

Hi Jonathan, 

That's odd -- this is the extension from the marketplace as well. Please open a support ticket so we can get to the bottom of this! 


Hi Jonathan -- if provided, the reason will be visible in the teams notification:

Image 1232

Hi Rimtec! We're currently putting the finishing touches on the ability to elevate as the current user with a special token that includes local admin permissions, which should solve this problem. We're hoping to have it out in the first release of 2024, but still nailing down a specific ETA. 

Hi! Please reach out to Support for assistance.