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yo can edit the file by using notepad or word.

Any movement on this yet? Also, looking for uninstall password to prevent users from uninstalling even if they have local administrator rights.

TrendMicro does this with their antivirus client.

not sure if we are talking the same thing. See below image. Is there a way to add an item here when All Machines group is selected to say Outdated clients and then it sorts them. That way I can right click and select reinstall and it will reinstall/update the outdated clients.

Thanks for the reply Caitlin!

Can you tell me where I can add that statement? That would make it easier to select just the out of date clients and push the reinstall.

We just need a password prompt like trendmicro has for their software so users cannot uninstall screenconnect.

Also, would like a location we can add username/passwords.

Or I would like to see a location in host page where we can keep usernames/passwords.