Your comments

Hi Caitlin.  That method only allows you to associate a device with an organization, but I was requesting the ability to associate an "internal user" with an organization.

Just to clarify, if someone doesn't have the "Manage Credentials" permission, does that prevent them from adding credentials, prevent them from accessing credentials after someone else has added them, or both?

In addition to restricting administrative privileges to different groups, I'd like to see the administrator privileges broken up into more specific privileges.

For example, I'd like to be able to allow someone to see what user accounts exist, without enabling them to make accounts or change permissions.  I'd like for someone to be able to create an account and add them to an existing role without allowing them to create roles or change the role permissions.

To add to this, it'd be great if you could do things like:

  • Report on which machines have credentials stored
  • Clear existing credentials for a set of machines
  • Store multiple sets of credentials for the same machine
  • Control which Connectwise Control users have access to which credentials
  • Have an audit log of when credentials are used/changed
  • Test the credentials in bulk, and identify machines where the stored credentials aren't good.