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Yes, please have an option disable or at least hide the local account logon fields for customers that use SSO. Also, consider updating the word "Login" to "Sign in" which is the more modern and accurate term these days.

I had our ServiceNow developer implement UI Macro buttons, which are basically links to our ServiceNow instance appended with the username or computer.


The base URL is:

The username URL would be: <base URL>/<username>

Username Example:<username>

The computer URL would be: <base URL>/<computername>

Computer Name Example:<computername>

Those links will filter the Access Session down to the username or computername, which the tech can just join.

It's a bit strange you can customize the Control chat and support client window colors, but not that banner color. And would also like it to be more noticeable. Possibly even a border when screen sharing, like most other screen sharing apps.

What happened to the ServiceNow integration? It is not listed in the extension marketplace anymore.