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This feature would elevate control in my opinion more than any other feature request. I do however think that this issue touches on several other issues. We need the ability to manage app.config settings on a session group basis but also, the application server should automatically send an updated app.config to the corresponding agents anytime there is a change to the settings. It is not feasible and is irresponsible from a network utilization standpoint to require the agent be re-installed just to get the current settings. When you have hundreds or thousands of machines, and you multiply that by 2-4MB, the bandwidth required to handle these requests is immense. Alternately, an app.config file may only be 2KB, this is a huge difference. The alternative is an extremely clunky solution to manually manage app.config files on machines and hope that the agent doesn't get re-installed. In addition I think it would be helpful if the app.config file had a switch where we could specify commands that would be executed automatically upon connection for example, blank guest screen and block input. I envision managing servers where the screens blank and input is blocked upon connection and the session is locked upon disconnection. If we control these items at a session group level, much like the security role hierarchy allowing for inheritance etc, ConnectWise Control would gain so much functionality and be far superior that it is today.