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As per my last note my suggestion would be the control of this feature via existing session groups. That way you can easily set this up for multiple clients without needing to set a note on each.

Also it would be nice to be able to override whatever is set in the host application.

The extension really doesn't work well if you need to set the properties/notes for individual computers as opposed to session groups or a machine filter. We, for example, need to auto-lock Windows Server OSes but not workstations.

A built-in setting for session groups aswell as the main client (see TeamViewer) would really help here.

This would indeed be very helpful for workstations that need working on independently of the customers user working on that machine.

Same here. We use a naming convention for servers, and if you're involved in multiple sessions you quickly use the overview of what "ADC01" is belonging to which customer.

This a feature we use extensively with TeamViewer to be able to independendly share session captures in case of questions or similar without administrator intervention.