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I contacted your support team this morning and they said it was a "known behavior" and to submit a feature request. Now that's it has been declined shall I contact them yet again? Perhaps they will tell me to submit a feature request yet again...

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Contact: ChangeMe

Ticket #: 8313856

Summary: My custom background will not display after creating my own visual theme.

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Mon 9/12/2016/12:07 PM EDT/ Ryan Dittmar (time)-

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My custom background will not display after creating my own visual theme.

12:08 PM - rdittmar: Hello!

12:08 PM - Hello

12:09 PM - rdittmar: My apologies. I believe that this is a known behavior of the Custom Theme extension. At this time, it sounds like this is a feature request, but I did want to notify our PM as well on this. I apologize for any inconvenience. Feel free to put in a feature request here:

12:10 PM - Oh no...

12:10 PM - Ok that is a major bummer. Thanks for your help!

12:11 PM - rdittmar: You're welcome! I am sorry about that. Anything else I can help with today?

12:11 PM - Nope that was it! Thanks!

12:11 PM - ChangeMe has ended the chat session.

12:11 PM - rdittmar: ChangeMe has closed the chat

12:11 PM - rdittmar: The chat has ended and you can continue to work on the ticket.