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In what way are these things connected in your opinion?

This is actually (one of) the most requested features in the past say 6 or 7 years, other users not asking for this seems not to be the issue here ;)

This looks like interesting progression, if you start a backstage session, which user's scope is this session in?

Hi Kirsten,

Really good to see some progress on this feature, thank you for that.

I think we can live with most of the limitations you mention, although the 4th could be nasty.

Unfortunately it seems there are some other limitations which are a bigger problem:

- it's only possible to access the C drive of the guest

- it's only possible to send files to the guest, it's not possible to receive files from the guest

You think it's feasible to look at these limitations in the current plugin?

I understand that using a Bits server is a nice workaround, for us not usable though since 95% of the machines we connect to using ScreenConnect are behind strict firewalls and wouldn't be able to access a Bits server.

Besides, for us it would mean setting up an extra server for functionality which you'd expect to be default in a tool like Screen Connect.

I'm still amazed it's possible for a much demanded feature request to be out there for four(!) years without any proper progress or feedback on it :|

This problem is getting quite bad for us now, our server takes several minutes to start up due to the growing database. Because of this I've been in touch with support (again) with regards to this; unfortunately (again) no help. Since we don't get any updates from from the people from ScreenConnect / ConnectWise on this request here, I thought I'd share the information I got from them with regards to their planning:

"I checked with the Product Management team this morning and the more granular database maintenace options are scheduled for the 6.2 release. I do not have an ETA for when 6.2 will be available but it is under construction now."

So the good news is that it is scheduled for the next release (6.1 is in release candidate status at time of writing); the bad news is that (as far as I'm concerned) they do not have a great record when it comes to actually doing what they say, let's hope the functionality will be here soon.

Our strategy is hoping that our Screen Connect server doesn't break down during the wait, while we are looking for alternatives to Screen Connect we could switch to if it takes too long or the problems get bigger.

There are not much technical challenges with regards to this, depending on the architecture created for ScreenConnect it could be more work to do. Reason there is no progress is because apparently they don't think it's important enough, which is a very sad conclusion looking at how many people are asking for this for that long :(

This is a 'copy' from which is long on the wish list and already had a lot of +1's.

Original request:

I would like to be able to do file transfers without being required to have an active session to a client.
Reasons why are mostly that I'm not disturbing somebody who is working behind that pc, and that person is not disturbing me (by clicking cancel on the file transfer).

As an addition, if this is run from admin scope and not logged in scope, we would be able to read and write files on locations the current logged in user cannot get to, because currently we first have to browse to a directory before we can send / receive files to / from that directory.