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It really does not matter what your excuse for not doing it is. What matters is it's a feature that people want and you're not delivering. This has been really typical of all the products that have been acquired under the connectwise brand currently.

As far as I know, CWC does not use an ssl cert to communicate with the server. Neither does CWA. They use other methods of authentication.

    This should have alternate relays similar to how CW Automate works. We have had several situations where DNS failed and the control clients will not connect. If there was a backup/secondary via an IP address, it would have saved us a lot of grief.

    Agree, this is a no-brainer add-on. We have been moving almost all our certificates to Lets Encrypt as they expire. I never understood why certificates were so expensive. Always felt like I was getting ripped off by cert companies.

    There are plenty of open source apps like winsimple to use as a guide.