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We desperately need this as well.  Most all of our servers have standardized names (SVR-HOU-1, SVR-HOU-01, etc) and working with several servers at one time with the same name is a huge PITA!!  I've caught myself on multiple occasions performing an action on a server only to find out I was on the wrong server.  Additionally, with all of the servers locked, I have to login to each of them until I find the one I'm looking for. Here's an example of 15 servers open on my computer.  Can you quickly locate the one for "Client XYZ"?  The short story is... No, you can't.  Adding additional info to the title bar for the windows would solve this issue.


You could also add the ability to disable "- ConnectWise Control" in the title bar if it is a screen real estate issue. I'm an MSP, so I' fully aware of the product I'm using so you're not selling me anything by plastering that on every title bar.

Sadly, we are currently using Remote Desktop Manager (tabbed RDP sessions) for mass updates by our techs because of this limitation.  It seems silly to have to pay for Remote Desktop Manager in addition to ConnectWise Automate and Control because of your unwillingness to implement this feature.  Given how customizable Control already is, I can't believe this hasn't been implemented in the last 6 years.  You definitely aren't understanding some of the ways your clients use your product(s).

Just my 2 cents!!

Todd -