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we ended using a config i cant remember atm.

what is does is it locks the machine you are connecting to. in doing this you need at lease the password to one of the user accounts on the machine you are connecting to or any domain user account if domain join setup ofcourse.

by doing it this way, we dont risk outsiders accessing machines or servers we can access with our Connectwise Control. a work around for sure, but it gets the job done until someone at connectwise assigns this issue to a DEV.

We are new to ScreenConnect, and coming from LogMeIn Rescue. the security for access connections, is simply to weak. an idea could be, add two factor authentication to the access connections. so the user connecting to the access connection has to type there google authenticator code before being able to connect. or like logmein, require username and password authentication for the access connection.

Because of the limited security on the access connections, i can't allow our techs to use this function.