Under Review

feedback survey post support session built into Screen Connect

Keith Cleverley 6 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 4

We have just moved from LMI Rescue to SC and heavily used the built in post session customer survey as it produced far more feedback than any CW or emailed survey.

I can see there is a post session survey which sends info to SC which looks ideal.

The reason for requesting this is that with LMI we can see the feedback for the customer linked to the engineer and the session information. 

This allows us to track back support sessions to support tickets and deal with negative feedback effectively, whereas with a third party survey tool we would lose the association with the service ticket/session.

Considering for Future Release

Definitely a very important requirement for any customer support business! It's a surprise why you would not have this natively, as this is a very important measure - CSAT/NPS metrics.

Request to include this option, even if you want to start by putting a usage limit, or limit on number of questions or responses, etc.