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Pending Review

User Default / Saved Preferences

Sean Keown 3 hours ago 0

Request to allow users to save preferences (locally on their PC) if allowed by platform Administrator. Similar to the way the beep on connectlight theme and always on top are user preferences are saved. 

Image 1268

For example, the following could apply but only when allowed for partners with more restrictions. Maybe a web permission that allows end users to save preferences. Each option would probably be a different web permission. 

  • Platform admin defaults clipboard on but the but the end user wants it disabled by default.
    • Allow user to override Default Clipboard
  • Platform admin allows (suspend my input) but the end user wants to toggle it on by default.
    • Allow user to override Default Suspend Input

Pending Review

Disable Sharing My Clipboard

Sean Keown 3 hours ago 0

Request to have the clipboard toggle be more personalized.

For example, if there are two Technicians connected to a computer at the same time and if (Technician A) enabled clipboard sharing, it would also enable it on (Technician B's) session allowing (Technician B's) clipboard to flow to (Technician's A) computer. 

Share Clipboard -> Share My Clipboard

Image 1267

Pending Review

Restrict access by day and time per user

John T 3 years ago updated by Karama 2 days ago 1

I would like certain remote workforce users to only be able to access their remote machine at certain times of the day. For example, we may have a user who only needs to get in to accomplish a task once a week on Saturday from 8-10am. I would like the ability to lock it down where they can only access during that window. 

I found a 'limited page access' extension that does this but for all users.


remote file transfer outside of session

mhighsmith 8 years ago updated by Peter OTools 4 days ago 75 7 duplicates

this might already be in the works but did not see it. It would be nice to be able to open up the devices C drive without connecting to the device. to copy and paste files in the back ground.

Pending Review

Send messages to specific sessions on shared hosts

rfoy-ddc 4 days ago 0


We have users that do work using a virtual desktop that is hosted in Azure. When we support these agents, if we want to send a message to them, we would need to connect to their session first (otherwise the message gets sent to the console session, which is frequently not logged in and always not who we're wanting to contact). I was hoping that messages could be directed to a specific session so that we can communicate with agents before joining their session.

Thank you!

Pending Review

By default, every time our engineer connects to a workstation, the default option is that it takes control of the user's device. Is there any way to change so that the default option is "view-only" and then once approved switches to "control" mode.

anujm 4 days ago 0

Good Evening,

As above -  By default, every time our engineer connects to a workstation, the default option is that it takes control of the user's device. Is there any way to change so that the default option is "view-only" and then once approved switches to "control" mode.

Pending Review

Delete Support sessions after 3 days

EvdZon 6 days ago 0


We would like the option to configure a automatic delete and end support session after 3 days (or configurable time).

Most of the time our support required multiple days of support so ending the sessions directly after disconnect is not preferred but we would like to force a 'end support' session after a period of time (now 3 days but if this can be configured that would be great).

It doesn't matter if the Host/Guest is connected or not, the support Session should be ended after 3 days/72 hours or if it's easier during a maintenance task at the end of the day.

The process on the Guest should be ended normally as if you end the session yourself and should not reconnect on restart.

Considering for Future Release

Be able to specify guest side temporary save location for toolbox items in 5.5+

Steven 8 years ago updated by P C 6 days ago 33 3 duplicates

From CW-7637203:

Would like to customize the temp location where "As of version 5.5, when you run a tool from the shared toolbox, the tool will be downloaded to a temporary folder on the guests machine. When the session has ended, ScreenConnect attempts to delete the downloaded tool from the temporary folder."

Pending Review

Option to choose ephemeral account or logged on user for CAM UAC elevations

TopCat1121 1 week ago 0

Please can you add the ability to choose whether CAM elevates as the logged on user, or the ephemeral (TempAdmin) account? Whether that be a global option across the ScreenConnect tenant, or a separate option when approving UAC requests. We use AppLocker and group policy restrictions for our users, and elevating through CAM as the user still has all the policies and lockdown restrictions in place making it pointless to use as everything is still locked down.

Considering for Future Release

Dynamic Custom Properties extension - force the attribute sync on a timer

Connectwise15211 1 year ago updated by HFIT-Jerome 1 week ago 4

Please allow the Dynamic Custom Properties extension to force the attribute sync on a timer or some other event automatically. It currently must be run manually for each workstation.

Our use case is to show the current logged in users display name(s), we would like this value to update automatically on each access agent.