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Mo Oh 6 minutes ago 0

When disconnecting from Connectwise, it'd be great to also auto logout of Windows. 

Pending Review

Connect from any Linux host

Josh Stump 11 months ago updated by Alfredo Gualda 2 days ago 4

Testing 23.5 series... It breaks ability for me to connect from Solus Linux cause new way wants to run a .sh file that in turn tries to install via .Deb or .rpm packages... Which Solus doesn't use.  Previously it downloaded a .jnlp file which I launched just fine.  Perhaps using .appimage or flatpak can produce better universal results?

Pending Review

automatic blank screen on connect and automatic user lock when disconnecting

kbhit 4 days ago 0

Would like to be able to have the remote screen blank when connecting without having to remember to do so after you connect.  And also the ability to have another persistent setting that locks the remote computer or logs the user out when screenconnect disconnects. 

Pending Review

Connect Wise Control - Chat window to come to the front of all apps and windows and beep

Westek 3 years ago updated by Jason Spicer 6 days ago 2

Connect Wise Control - Chat window to come to the front of all apps and windows and beep

Under Review

change color of the "controlled by" banner

stefan pirhofer 6 years ago updated by KevinR&R 6 days ago 6

Partners asking for the possibility to change the color of the controlled by banner to a "more eye catching" color.

Pending Review

Control Access install - remove duplicates

Casey G 5 years ago updated by jon 6 days ago 13


We use an imaging service to manage our new machines. When we image a laptop, we include the Access install file so as to enable remote control easily. When we re-image a laptop that had Access already installed, it re-installs just fine but it creates a duplicate entry in our Control hub. The old installs are duds and never reconnect to the machine. They are easy to clear out but this is time consuming. Please add a way to have the install file check for a duplicate and either delete the old session or reconnect the install to the old connection.

Thank you!

Pending Review

Manage Credential auditing

losborn 1 week ago 0

I would like the ability to see when credentials are requested/stored and when stored credentials are sent to a computer. 

Pending Review

Option to turn off Access Management

CSFi 1 week ago updated 1 week ago 2

You add new options like Access Management that should be disabled so Administrators can review what the new feature are for and allow the Admin the option to turn the feature on or off.

Emails should be sent out that describes what is be added instead of adding the option and then the Admin gets emails from users wanting to know what this is.

Pending Review

Use annotation on Android guest device

Simon 1 week ago 0

Are there plans to add the ability to annotate on Android guest devices?

Pending Review

Android guest mic does not transmit audio

Simon 2 weeks ago 0

<Current situation>

PC host is conducting a support session with an Android guest device.

The host mic audio is received by the Android device.

But the guest mic audio is not received by the PC host.

So the host can talk to the guest, but the guest can't talk to the host.


Allow Android guest mic audio to be transmitted, so the host and guest can talk to each other during support session.