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I would like the audit screen capture report emailed at the end of session as an attachment

Neil 8 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 6 years ago 5

When the audit creates and saves the session it enables the video to be downloaded from the admin console - I would like to store these videos in my connectwise crm for reference for each job done. It would be very handy to have the system automatically email them to me.

I'm not sure that I would suggest this, Attaching the screen recordings to your tickets in CW isn't a bad idea but over time the size of CW is going to grow immensely.

I'm not sure what alternative I would suggest either.

Note that doing this would increase the amount of resources needed by the ScreenConnect server as it does use more resources to convert these videos into a usable format.

If anything I would have a NAS with folder structure per client with dates or ticket numbers to correlate and maybe store on that. It's a lot more work but it would keep the size of CW down. May not seem like much but 20mb 40mb here and there for session recordings adds up fast. Especially if you don't have room on your host for expansion, Makes more sense to upgrade a NAS than an entire server just to be able to support session recordings attached to tickets. But thats just me.

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