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That extension actually has no relation to what I'm talking about.  We use that for it's purpose already, but it's a single use extension compared to what I'm talking about with the triggers.

So this just got marked completed, but 6.1 hasn't been released, so I'd disagree with it being completed until it's actually available to customers :)

Cool, looking forward to it, thanks!

Unfortunately this is not really solved by that extension. The extension works as desired for the auto response, but it does NOT alert the techs that a message has been sent as the trigger did. So, each solution is a half measure, neither does everything needed. If the extension sent a single email to the default account (or custom) as well as the auto response, and also did it under the 10 minute no spam conditions, then this would be as desired. Right now we either get spam emailed in chats, or get no notice of request for help, both of which are not ideal.