Add simple open http ability to trigger methods

Ebonweaver 8 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 3

Right now the http method on a trigger is overly complex and actually very limited when thinking about the most simple application. The idea would be that based upon a simple evaluation of keywords in the chat message the client sends (assuming an unconnected session of course), a trigger could respond by opening a webpage or simply spitting back a url in the text chat they can click on. You could then set up a series of triggers evaluating for certain keywords that would point clients to various KB articles in a support site. This allows a self service situation before the tech even needs to get involved, wrapped into the same support tool.

There is an extension that seems to do what you are wanting to do. Check out:


That extension actually has no relation to what I'm talking about.  We use that for it's purpose already, but it's a single use extension compared to what I'm talking about with the triggers.

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