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Who'd thought that? Well, at least it is official now.

Damn you "mono-project" for being "so buggy" CW cannot support it or use dotnet-core.

Anyway, enough nonsense. Back to actual work.


I've upgraded to 20.3 last week; it is running stable on Ubuntu 18.04. Performance is ok; I'm running it on a pretty lean VM since it is a secondary system (we have a separate Automate instance on Windows) that gets used less.

v20.2 seemed more stable than 20.1; I stuck with 19.3 for a long time and that was really stable and better performing than the later versions imho.

@J Copeland - If you are running on Windows you should harden your server to get better ssllabs results; especially tuning the cipher-suites NOT to allow weak ciphers and to disable support for older TLS. An easy way to tune this is IIS Crypto which gives you a GUI to the registry entries: Nartac Software - IIS Crypto. You can also google that :-)

That said, I am a fan of running rProxies in front of webservers, so runing nginx in front or Control is great also.

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