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Get feature parity for Control Linux with Control Windows

GeorgeK 3 years ago updated by Mayfield 2 years ago 10

Would be nice to get this, as we're paying for it.

Linux variant is also full of unresolved bugs. This is a real shame!

That is the dream isn't it?

This has become such a joke, they should refund my last year with the constant restarting of services I need to do. 

I have all kinds of tricks and gimmicks in place to work around their issues.

Please share if you have something to stop the server from hanging up daily. I'm about to update to 20.3 but not hopeful. 

It's a little complicated to outline because I went with the NGINX + Lets Encrypt route to help with performance and security.  I have a script set to reboot the server once a week and that seems to be helpful too.

Going with NGINX nets me an A+ rating on TLS security with SSL Labs compared to Connectwises default out of the box C+ rating running on Windows.

Here's my ScreenConnect deployment running on NGINX, Lets Encrypt + Linux:

Compared to our competitor running ScreenConnect out of the box on Windows:

I've upgraded to 20.3 last week; it is running stable on Ubuntu 18.04. Performance is ok; I'm running it on a pretty lean VM since it is a secondary system (we have a separate Automate instance on Windows) that gets used less.

v20.2 seemed more stable than 20.1; I stuck with 19.3 for a long time and that was really stable and better performing than the later versions imho.

@J Copeland - If you are running on Windows you should harden your server to get better ssllabs results; especially tuning the cipher-suites NOT to allow weak ciphers and to disable support for older TLS. An easy way to tune this is IIS Crypto which gives you a GUI to the registry entries: Nartac Software - IIS Crypto. You can also google that :-) https://lmgtfy.app/?q=iis+disable+tls+1.0+and+1.1

That said, I am a fan of running rProxies in front of webservers, so runing nginx in front or Control is great also.

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I also would like to see patches for the linux/mono version. This is unacceptable how long between updates.

Who'd thought that? Well, at least it is official now.

Damn you "mono-project" for being "so buggy" CW cannot support it or use dotnet-core.

Anyway, enough nonsense. Back to actual work.