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Any updates on this?

This is not a support issue.  The feature was rolled back, and never re-implemented.  The feature does not exist in the current production builds. 

Nope.  As far as I can tell they rolled back this feature, and then closed this request. 

It does not work.  We're on 21.6.3280.7796, there is no option to configure a logout URL and logging out does not sign out of the IdP. 

The comment above mine states that it was rolled back due to a bug, it does not appear to have been re-implemented. 

Any update on this?  It seems like the work was pretty much done and then got rolled back for some reason?

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply!

I see that this was marked "completed" but I don't see any relevant changes in the log.  Was this feature implemented somehow?

Hey @Tom Hall, how come this took a step backwards?