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Joe K 6 years ago updated 3 years ago 29

Now that SAML is supported in 6.5 we need a way to log out from the IdP when we log out of ScreenConnect.  Please add support for the Single Logout URL or a custom Logout URL when using a SAML provider for authentication.  

Right now if I log out from ScreenConnect I stay logged into my IdP and I can get back into ScreenConnect without entering my credentials again. 

Hey @Tom Hall, how come this took a step backwards?

Hey Joe, the change in status is reflecting our iterative development process. For this, we are resolving issues with certain SAML providers. We are continuing to work on this request

I would like that..

I see that this was marked "completed" but I don't see any relevant changes in the log.  Was this feature implemented somehow?

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply!


How should this be working?
We are using Shibboleth-IDP and just testing 20.5, although we don't see any logout URL or anything else.
This is not working in our environment.



We found a bug in the implementation, so we had to roll it back. I'm not sure which version it will be re-released with yet.

Any update on this?  It seems like the work was pretty much done and then got rolled back for some reason?


Hi Joe,

This issue was fixed in 20.3 build. Please recheck if you are on 20.3 or after build. You can also use below link to find the latest build to download manually:



It does not work.  We're on 21.6.3280.7796, there is no option to configure a logout URL and logging out does not sign out of the IdP. 

The comment above mine states that it was rolled back due to a bug, it does not appear to have been re-implemented. 

Thanks for the quick response Joe. Kindly contact our Support team for further investigation:


This is not a support issue.  The feature was rolled back, and never re-implemented.  The feature does not exist in the current production builds. 


Can you give us a link to where this is at in the documentation as I don't see it listed in any of the SAML setup documentation for Azure, OKTA, or anything.


Does that work for someone? We will use version 21.9.4007.7863 and as SAML-IdP Citrix Gateway. The login works perfectly, only that does not logging out. We configured it with the MetadataUrl.

Nope.  As far as I can tell they rolled back this feature, and then closed this request. 

Any updates on this?