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It's a little complicated to outline because I went with the NGINX + Lets Encrypt route to help with performance and security.  I have a script set to reboot the server once a week and that seems to be helpful too.

Going with NGINX nets me an A+ rating on TLS security with SSL Labs compared to Connectwises default out of the box C+ rating running on Windows.

Here's my ScreenConnect deployment running on NGINX, Lets Encrypt + Linux:

Compared to our competitor running ScreenConnect out of the box on Windows:

I have all kinds of tricks and gimmicks in place to work around their issues.

Wayne I wouldn't bother waiting, there'll be no movement from the company on this.

I suggest setting up NGINX + Lets Encrypt on the same VM you're running ScreenConnect on.

It's actually really straightforward and solves this problem permanently.

Here's the script:

And if you need any help there's a ton of info in this thread:

Also, NGINX makes ScreenConnect super responsive and much faster to navigate around the web GUI.