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Being able to select the colour of the annotation tool at least would be great. Currently, it selects a random colour which sometimes blends with the desktop background making the annotation feature very frustrating to use.

I would think that it should be pretty easy to pull this from an environment variable on the guest system in the domain\username format. We save chat logs all the time and it would sure be nice to know for certain who we were having the conversation with for sure.

Here is how we do this... We've created two new groups... one of clients not connected for 90 days, and one of clients not connected for 180 days... then we make it part of our regular process to review disconnected clients every 90 days.

Our process is to end the old session when we deploy a new OS image... but this catches the ones that fall through the cracks, each disconnected session is investigated and then ended every 90 days. If were not sure, we may let it slide and we will catch it next time around in the 180 day filter.

This is a standard feature in every other similar application I have looked at, and the reason I still pay $50/mo for GoTo Assist Seeit

Or at least make the default path something that isn't commonly redirected like C:\Toolbox

This is an absolutely vital feature to allow the toolbox to function properly in a domain these days.. show me a single admin who doesn't redirect the documents folder to a server for centralized backup. Files will not launch from a UNC path that the system account does not have access to.