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Show guests AD or local machine username intead of "Guest" in chat log

brettm 6 years ago updated by Chris Paetz 4 years ago 3

Currently when I connect to a guests machine and start a chat with them, it only displays "Guest" as their name.  I would like the currently signed in account on the machine to be the username that displays in the chat logs.  We have devices used by many different users.  So when looking back through conversation logs it is hard to identify which person the conversation was taking place with.

Hi Brett, 

While we are currently unable to display a guest attribute using either AD or local machine username in chat, you can set both your JoinPanel.SupportPromptParticipantNameVisible and JoinPanel.SupportPromptVisible web resource strings to "true", which will request the guest participant's name when they join a support session. The name request prompt appears after they enter the code to join a session. Hope this helps!

Hi guys, any news on that one?

It is pretty sad that there are no real usernames available in the chat function.

All we want ist just that the currently logged on username is used as name in the chat instead of "Guest".

I would think that it should be pretty easy to pull this from an environment variable on the guest system in the domain\username format. We save chat logs all the time and it would sure be nice to know for certain who we were having the conversation with for sure.