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I know that guest sessions can kill the session, but how can a host kill an access session?

There is no option to end the session when right clicking on the tray icon (when the Control Agent has been installed on the host) except by uninstalling the Agent (which requires admin privileges which our users do not have and which leaves the end-user (host) without an agent and therefore no more remote support is possible!)

I agree. ConnectWise should be embarrassed. Such a basic function which we shouldn't even have to talk about. Every other player in the remote control market has this functionality. I can't understand why CW doesn't do anything about this, at least explain why they aren't implemeting it, but as David G. said, most probably they aren't paying any attention to the community and/or their users.....

This is exactly what we need. We work in Switzerland and need this feature by law. Also it common sense... How can it be that an end-user working on a Terminal Server is not able to kick out the support person at the other end???!!