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please add print lock function what is existed already on local's printers properties but via remote printing session is not accessible

when you use printer Lanier mp 4054 pcl 6 locally "Lock print" function works fine, but when you do 'screenconnect remote printing', you see your printer, you can print, but that function gets lost, only basic printer settings are here. It created chaos - all print jobs got messed up between office users, clients delayed, what is not good for business, plus, actually it's a big MINUS, privacy gets broken. Please fix it A.S.A.P. 

If we use LogMeIn service - all printer's options and setting are translated, so there is no difference between locally and/or remotely printed job. But with you guys, it doesn't work and you positioning your product as the best. 

See below, "lock print" accessible locally:

And see below, it's gets lost if the same printer connected for remote print (see how much you got lost!):

and yes, users very upset that after every reconnect they have to turn on again "Allow remote printing" again and again.