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I too would like movement on this.  Modern computers have printer drivers for all kinds of nonsense.. from One Note to faxing for 3 applications, to XPS to Generating PDF's for QB and other apps.. and that is in addition to network printers.

I would very much like to see just the default printer replicated to the remote machine and then made the default there.  I feel like this should have always been the default with a toggle, client to client, to toggle on if all the other printers are transmitted.

Thank you very much for responding in detail and so quickly!!! However...

Nope, not even remotely helpful. But it makes you guys look VERY silly.

I do not think you really read what I wrote as I indicated in my post I was in fact pulling down installs (.exe/.msi/.cmd [bat was win3.1]) from the toolbox and trying to install them. I suggest you go back and REread what I wrote with a clear open mind.

Are you saying you are intentionally downloading .bat and .exe files (PROGRAMS) from my toolbox, not intended for my cleint, into my clients DOCUMENTS folder in HIS profile? You do understand what the word "Documents" means??? I think someone changed that and it was realized after the fact. Then instead of solving the problem, and putting it back, you monkeyed it by just deleting everything on disconnect.

You COMPLETELY changed the nature of this feature. It has greatly changed the product you sold me. It went from an amazing and effective feature to something VERY different.

I think you forgot that some people use this service over a WAN and not just a LAN.

Having stated to me the nature of the toolbox I question your sanity for changing it the way you have. If I am downloading an .exe file to install or in many cases a tool to clear a virus... WHY oh WHY would I want to stay connected during that entire time? I am forced to though.. because if the connection drops part way or I disconnect the install gets hosed and sometimes even the computer does. Why would you risk having executable files not intended for the client, left in the clients profile? In his documents folder of all places?

Please put this feature BACK the way it was. If you are trying something new.. please try something NEW and leave this one in place.

I have complained to your office many times over the past 8 or so months about this. I always get blown off. I finally had someone tell me to post here when I complained loud enough. Read my bullet points in the original post.. you will see this amazing feature, and the reason I bought your product, has been butchered.

We were very much in love with your product and found your product to be immensely useful UNTIL you made this very weird switch.

If you choose not to fix this I will be holding you liable for all the time and money we have invested into learning and cultivating your product as we move to another one. And I will be very public about it.

As a client who uses this daily as a technician, perhaps you should call me and find out how it is used and you can fix this.

I will tell you this....

Give me two switches and I will smile and go away...

One to direct the place it downloads to.. (sound familiar?)

And one to stop it from being temporary. (stay on disconnect).

If you want to be super fancy, add a button to clear the download folder instead of doing it automatically for users like me who are doing bigger tasks from further away. Although I would never use it because I *like* to leave my tools behind for later use.