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ability to have installed only one printer on remote computer not all from my network

Paresh Chauhan 8 years ago updated by Merlin 3 years ago 11 2 duplicates

i want to have ability to install only one printer on remote computer. right now all my 15 printer shows up on remote computer and they stays there even when i am disconnect from them. and one of them make itself as default.

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I'd like to have the option to map (selectively), but at the same point just because it maps I don't want to change the default.

We have users who can't seem to handle changing their own default printer around and it's obviously made worse when SC screws with them when we connect.

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Between 5 technicains with 4-5 printers each, plus users across 12 companies loving the remote access feature (including printing), we can end up with a workstation having upwards of 30 printers when all is said and done. I would love to have a button that would allow me to force map printers then once disconnected those ScreenConnect mapped printers get removed.

To better refine this, a button for printers that allows mapping of a single printer or all printers and removal of those printers.


Yes I agree on this one. If there could be a way to control remote printing giving the ability to toggle the feature on and off for each organization. And the ability to map or use just one printer.

Yes the all or none option we currently have needs to be changed.


I agree, the all or none is driving me nuts. I came from LMI and it was simple, you click on the printer icon and select which printer you want to install on the remote machine. When disconnecting, that printer gets uninstalled. Installing all printers is just driving me and my users crazy.

Please fix this

Printing needs to be much more granular for sure! Please consider doing this. I see this request has been pending for 2 years! We are forced to turn off Print Mapping globally due to the lack of selecting what printer to map.

Considering for Future Release

Please make this happen. When working remotely, there are almost no cases where someone would need to print to more than one printer. Making all the printers install is overkill, inefficient, and causes lots of problems.

Has there been any movement on this? I have users that I would like to have their remote printers be the default when they remote in.

I too would like movement on this.  Modern computers have printer drivers for all kinds of nonsense.. from One Note to faxing for 3 applications, to XPS to Generating PDF's for QB and other apps.. and that is in addition to network printers.

I would very much like to see just the default printer replicated to the remote machine and then made the default there.  I feel like this should have always been the default with a toggle, client to client, to toggle on if all the other printers are transmitted.