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Agreed and as always a company could just make you agree to terms that say if so and so takes control of a PC we are not liable. I hope this gets some attention or at least a response from Connectwise. If this is a security risk in its own right then all I want is for Connectwise to say they are not doing it and this is why.

True, but again I could play devil's advocate and say the same goes for the MSP itself. What if an engineer knew they were being let go at the MSP and so they remote into a finance PC and start stealing data and block client input and the client has no way to kick or block the host from connecting.

There are always measure that can be taken, such as if a user does kick you off the PC then the PC itself logs out or locks.

We may have to go that route. This was a consideration, but a lot of times we need to access the system after hours, and the convenience is appreciated by our clients to be able to connect as needed. The issue is that the CEO of the company does not want access installed at all if they have no way to kick a host from a session. To be quite honest I do not understand why this is not a core feature of Access...

Any update on this being on the roadmap, this is sorely needed. Has anyone found a workaround for this?