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Hi, i have already tested this but we have about 500 machines and most operating systems vary like xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server os. So some accept net send command some accepts msg command. And for the ISO standartizaion we have to specify who is sending or the which department so at the header its not to possible add any identity before clock/time. we are using Turkish language with some different characters so when i write down any TR character set in the command screen that seems very weird, and the logging. At the end of months or quarters we need to give report to standartization departments like x quantity of messages sended or something like this. And in this model there is no possibility to add a jpg which is a must in some scenarios, and the most critical thing is some machines are offline sometimes so they should get the message when they open up their computer.

Event thou your idea is great in small or local enviroments but we are a managed service provider...


Today we have issued this again, internet in some parts of the city is very slow. so we need to broadcast message to all companies/users in our portfolio. which are not part of our local/internet network. Chat is not possible cause people start to answer that and keep asking questions. but a text with a jpg or gif would be ideal that the user just can push the close button nothing more and get info about the issue asap.