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Ability to broadcast message (not with chatbox) to multi users to take attention on something

Mehmet Ali Demirci 8 years ago updated by Alex Heylin 5 years ago 13 1 duplicate

We have 500 users, and there are many things happening like we have to inform/warn the user about something like virus spread, stop the thing to do etc. So we need a attention windows that can be broadcast to multiple users at a time. the chat windows can do the similar however the users can reply the chat and some dont know the situation and starts to reply and the things get complicated. So just an attention window to be appeared infront of the user at the middle like a warning message. This message can be text or jpg/png boosted. And yes for the offline machines, the screenconnect must assign a flag to them so that when they are online/connected the msg will broadcast at that time...

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it would be nice to have something built in SC. Currently we use a "msg * /TIME:9999 /v your message here" within the command toolbox. which puts a pop up on the connected system. This helps to let the users know that email is down and etc....

Today we have issued this again, internet in some parts of the city is very slow. so we need to broadcast message to all companies/users in our portfolio. which are not part of our local/internet network. Chat is not possible cause people start to answer that and keep asking questions. but a text with a jpg or gif would be ideal that the user just can push the close button nothing more and get info about the issue asap.

did you try the msg command? this works like a charm. pops up a box on the remote system. example:

plus you do not get responses through the IM feature. This message really helps us out with call volume when a system is down.

Hi, i have already tested this but we have about 500 machines and most operating systems vary like xp, vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and server os. So some accept net send command some accepts msg command. And for the ISO standartizaion we have to specify who is sending or the which department so at the header its not to possible add any identity before clock/time. we are using Turkish language with some different characters so when i write down any TR character set in the command screen that seems very weird, and the logging. At the end of months or quarters we need to give report to standartization departments like x quantity of messages sended or something like this. And in this model there is no possibility to add a jpg which is a must in some scenarios, and the most critical thing is some machines are offline sometimes so they should get the message when they open up their computer.

Event thou your idea is great in small or local enviroments but we are a managed service provider...


yeah, we have 2600 devices, but nothing with dealing with different languages. oh well

Considering for Future Release


Please check out this free app from Cireson: https://cireson.com/apps/service-desk-ticker-community-free/

Is this what you are looking for?

Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release

For our use case, we don't want to broadcast to ALL machines - but we want to be able to send message to specific machines which automatically pops up (not just flashes in taskbar) and which doesn't have the option to reply on it.   Currently we use API to send messages to specific machines, but message often just flashes in taskbar and users don't see it, or users read it and reply even though message says it's automated and don't reply...