Be able to setup session group filters for session info dates based on a time interval

Steven 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 6 1 duplicate

Be able to setup a session group that can calculate a period of time for GuestLastActivityTime, GuestInfoUpdateTime, etc., so that instead of having to update the filter regularly with a new date, can just say something like GuestInfoUpdateTime < DaysAgo(30) or something like that.

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Is there any update or workaround for this?

Any update with 6.1?

I am also looking for the ability to do this so that we can setup a group of "stale" sessions for deletion and keep our ScreenConnect instance as clean as possible. If that machine has been offline for 60-90 days, I'd say it needs to be removed, but right now it's not easy to find those without scrolling through every session.


I would like to have session group with sessions which just connected to
the server. I know that the machine is just rebooted and if I could have a group named "Just connected" with a condition like:

ConnectionTime < MinutesAgo(10)

Feels like something which should be implemented at the same time as above.