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Enable the use of Authy for 2 factor

Kenneth James 7 years ago updated by mhighsmith 5 years ago 9 1 duplicate

Would like to use the Authy app with 2 factor

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+1 - We use Authy for all our online Applications and would love to be able to add Screenconnect to this aswell.

We use Authy to get the code with ScreenConnect currently.

I just came across this which allowed us to add it to Authy.


Doesn't mention it in the Two Factor setup guide.

I'll also confirm that Authy works in lieu of GA.

I have tried to use Authy with Screenconnect without success. can you please explain how you accomplished this?  I scanned the QR code with Authy as described in the link above, I then put the corresponding code that was generated in Screenconnect Security/user.  when I try to login, I enter the code from Auth, but it say's incorrect credentials.  Am I supposed to put something other than "goog:xxxxxxxxxxxxx" in the security section of screenconnect section?

Make sure that the server you are using has the correct time on it. if the time is off on one of the devices the 2 factor code will not match.


That must have been it.  my Screenconnect server was off by 3 minutes.  Set time and Authy is now working.  Thank You for the info!!!