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Upgrade Mono version to support TLS 1.2 for Freshdesk integration

danielp 7 years ago updated by Allen Crist 6 years ago 9

Please consider upgrading the Mono version to support TLS 1.2 for Freshdesk integration

We ended up biting the bullet and purchased a Windows Server 2016 license. This has resolved our performance issues and allows for Freshdesk integration. I wish we did this sooner as ScreenConenct was running awful on a Centos 7 x64 machine with 1300 clients.

While Chrome has this issue, TLS 1.3 can be disabled as a workaround. Also, Firefox for Mac  also has this issue causing performance problems and SSL error results when trying to display a page. On Firefox, TLS MAX version setting can be changed from 4 to 3 to support the max version of 1.2, eliminating performance and SSL error results.

Visit about:config, search for TLS and change security.tls.version.max to 3.

In the short term, this will work, however due to the nature of changing security concerns, it is important to support TLS 1.3 in mono. This is not a ConnectWise Control specific issue, rather the limitation of what mono will support due to the base .net libraries supported.

I think you posted in the wrong thread David, as your comment has nothing to do with the version of Mono ScreenConnext are using.

Though we understand the cause of the problem, customer perception is that Chrome is best and our support application is broken. :/

Need to update for many reasons. Why hasn't this been completeted? Should be top priority.


TLS Versions below 1.2 are insecure, it is an absolute shambles that this still hasn't been fixed and is actively broken in Chrome and Firefox now. This should have been dealt with years ago, not left till now where it is only just getting into planning stages. 

Forget new feature secure your product asap you have a great product but you will lose a lot of clients if this isn't sorted very quickly!


It's pretty clear that since they were bought out by Connectwise it's become somewhat 'ghostship' software with little REAL development.

I don't know, I think development has been steady and even innovative, overall.  But when your product no longer works with one of the most popular browsers, customers will just think your product sucks.

Unfortunately, web application developers are at the mercy of working around constraints of Chrome—the New IE.  The ConnectWise team simply have not stayed ahead of this problem.  Doesn't matter that it's a Mono issue.


They chose a custom version of Mono that is no longer being supported. that's stupid. Microsoft .NET would be a solution.