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Drag between dual monitors

dnorris 7 years ago updated by Michael Byrd 3 months ago 1

We left LogMeIn to use screenconnect purely for remote access to work PCs. We operate dual monitors on home and work PCs, so on remote access we split into 2 windows to replicate the work PC. We cannot currently drag files/windows across from Monitor 1 to monitor 2 which is a bit crippling and would seem a fairly basic function? Certainly worked smoothly with LogMeIn

We have this same issue and have asked our local support folks to investigate. They're response is that it cannot be done. When first opening the remote session, dragging across monitors is possible, but that functionality seems to go away after a moment. It would be great to get to the bottom of this as I agree with the original poster  that it is somewhat crippling and seems a fairly basic function. Thanks.