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Bluetooth / Hardware keyboard support for iOS devices (iPad/iPhones)

Steven 8 years ago updated by Daniel Godin 3 weeks ago 24

From CW-7620136:

Would like to be able to use a hardware keyboard, such as a Bluetooth keyboard, on iPad or iPhone devices without having to tap the keyboard icon in the app first, and seeing the on-screen keyboard.

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Considering for Future Release

What is the status of this?  Just tried it on iOS 13.3 and Bluetooth keyboard wouldn't send any keystrokes to remote computer at all.  Please advise.


Agreed. Using iPad Pro 11" 2020 model with Apple Smart Magic Keyboard Case. iOS 13.4 Unable to enter keystrokes to a workstation using Apple Magic Keyboard.


I agree this is a necessity for IPAD Usage!  Also we need full supported trackpad abilities as well. This is not that hard for a true mobile app.  I know it is sort of new technology, but this should be able to be rolled out within a couple of months at least. The fact that this has been considered for Future Release for 2 years shows how much this company values its Mobile Platform. 


please update the ios app for better keyboard support when connected and the iPadOS trackpad support.


So are you with support or did you just make this up? Because the latest update on the ios store is 3 months ago.

I’m saying they need to fix the keyboard support and add trackpad support. And saying please so I’m polite. Don’t know what the confusion is

Ok it sounded like you was with support and telling us there was an update that fixed it. Thank you for clarifying. And I agree they need to fix it. 



Please add support for the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard.

I mostly work from my Windows workstation obviously but I do have an iPad Pro with a Magic Keyboard and its pretty sad that something as simple as this hasn't been implemented already.

"Considering for Future Release" for 3 years?

It’s 2021.  Not working?  Come on now please…

Ditto, please add support for the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard.

this really needs fixing. The iPad is such a great portable device but rendered useless for Connectwise Control use due to this limitation.

This lack of support is the primary reason that I will not be renewing with Connectwise going forward.

It's 2022, 15.2.1 released and this is still broken and unusable.  Remote desktop from Microsoft works great!!!!

I am glad this is back on chatter....  because Teamview is what I am now using on the iPad because of this.  Completely ridiculous.  Please fix it, Logmein, teamviewer, RDP direct, VDI all work!

Please get this implemented as soon as possible. Purchased an iPad Magic Keyboard especially for this app and it doesn’t work. Crazy losing half the screen to a virtual keyboard when the hardware is available.

I just cannot believe this is still not implemented. I use my IPAD for everything now when I travel and this is the only app that doesn't work properly. I love your service and software but I may need to consider another service soon if this is not fixed. Every other competitive service has this feature and it's not that difficult to implement. You can hire a third party app development company to knock it out in a couple weeks. I will give this a couple more months but if it's not implemented soon, I am planning to switch to another service and will migrate all our remote machines over as well. We have been with ConnectWise over 8 years and this feature has been requested for years now. Please add this feature so I don't have to move remote services. 

Crazy that this isn't a thing yet.  Just got an iPad and a Logitech Combo touch keyboard with trackpad and I'm less than impressed that it doesn't work with Control.  



Seriously? How can this not work? The whole purpose of remote connectivity is to be able to support our clients remotely and people use iPads all the time for that kind of support functionality. It seems everybody else has this capability.

CW seem to ignore our needs... pretty sad

Need this as well as mouse support for external keyboards.

With the new IPAD pro out with an M2 chip surely we can get this feature over the line. 

How can something that is basically a computer in power, not be within scope for critical function support features.

Can this please get fixed?

This is critical for the iPad to be a useful tool for assisting clients through screen connect on the go. Please get this implemented. 8 years of people asking for this feature should be enough to warrant developers at Screenconnect giving this some attention.