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Listing of selected sessions "names" has been truncated as of ver 6.x

Yuniel 7 years ago updated by Peter OTools 3 years ago 1

On ver 5.x i had the ability to select a list of access sessions and on the right side i had all the names but this is not the case as of ver 6.x.  That list allowed the ability for copy and paste but unfortunately it has been shortened and only shows the first couple followed by ......

Going through the Report Manager extension is horrible if you are running a mix of Groups and Subgroups, etc..    Please fix, you have plenty of space on the right when making selections !!

This is really ESSENTIAL 

99% of software have a list/export button right in there, no need to go to another module, several clicks away. That's not common sense at all !

I was 'surviving' getting that list mentioned above. Now I don't have any way to do it, and this is so silly for a so useful tool as CWC is

Most Company using CW Control, they don't like IT get into Report Module for some reason (I know, this is my 2nd Company I'm working with CWC, and seems to be a common rule, I asked to get access to that module, but it seems linked to admin level, so they don't want to give it away), therefore the only chance to export a list was that option.

As IT we have to do reports or list most of the time. Happens to be that I'm also on charge to maintain CWC.

just as one example: session Disconnected > 30 Days, to be removed (for CWC maintenance), we need the list before that's done.

and it would be so easy for CW to create a Button on the existing list when you select 1 or more sessions (Edit, Run Tool, End... PRINT/export LIST)
In that button I hope it could print/export the following info that already exist:

  • Company Name, PcName (or session Name) and Serial Number (for exact match of info/inventory)

That's all !

I hope everybody that pass by for this request could please vote it. Thanks!