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limit security group to a max concurrent sessions

Brian Signet 8 years ago updated by Mike Waldron 1 year ago 4

We would like to be able to limit the concurrent sessions of a security group so that one group does not consume all available licenses on the server.

eg. Server licensed for 10 sessions, group A has 5 max and group B has 5 max so we don't have to let group B disconnect group A when they consume all sessions.


This request came up on their forum some time ago when I first got into using SC. There was some mentioned that they had fear of it being used to allow third-party access to use hosted SC installs which their user agreement does not (at least it didn't at the time) allow. However, it was recognized as something for discussion and also a feature I would really like to see.

My need for this is that I am at a university that is decentralized. There are many IT support units on campus and each have their own budgets and such. Due to this, licenses for SC are split cost and one unit might have 5 concurrent sessions licensed where another only buys 1. It is more appropriate to actually limit use to what they buy rather than just hope they never collide.

Thanks we would buy 10 licenses instantly if we had this feature as it would allow us to share with other 3rd parties that work on the same infrastructure

@ Terry, Brian was referring to the older licensing model. I would contact the sales team, as we have more flexible licensing now that would probably fit your needs better.

I desperately need this feature!