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Mac AutoConsentAfterSeconds not working

Dave T 6 years ago updated by Brett 5 years ago 4


Even after the Mac app.config features added in 6.1, a crucial one is missing.  We require the user's consent before taking remote control, and this is set at 5 seconds in our app.config settings--after which, we are given control regardless.  On the Mac client, this countdown never appears, causing the 5 second countdown to never be reached and thus we are NOT given control.  Net effect is machines are un-remotable without a user on the other end.  I have temporarily given our techs the "host session without consent" permission, but this is counter to our culture as the end-user is no longer warned (and presented with approval) that we are connecting.

Please advise.



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Similar issue for me. Works for PCs but not Macs which is an issue for us

Seems like a year is enough time to review. Anyone planning on adding this functionality? Thanks!