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Ability to sharing machines accross session folders with users that do not have access to the primary session folder in which the machine resides

Rhys Comley 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 2

The ability to share access to machines would be very useful feature and this request has come directly from the field on a number of occasions.

I suggest it could work in this way.

  • Rhys (WA Session Folder) has access to a VM and wants to share it with Joe (NSW Session Folder).

  • Rhys shares the machine with Joe (similar to a host pass) with his permissions for an indefinite (or set) period of time.

  • The machine shows in a “Shared Machines” folder in Joe's screen connect login and he can connect to it.

  • Rhys could have a view showing machines he has shared and who too, so that the share can be revoked if needed.

I can see this being a valuable feature to your product and needed/wanted by many.

an enhancement to host pass

Also similar to  http://forum.screenconnect.com/yaf_postst4386_Extension--Invite-Host-to-a-Session-Extension.aspx, if the user is registered internally. 

We are working on making the lifetime configurable.  


(Improvements 1 and 2 are scheduled.)

When someone connects w/ a host pass there is an indicator present on the general detail tab and in the audit log.