Additional Session Filter options: Host/staff details

shawnkhall 7 years ago updated by swhite (Product Manager) 1 year ago 1

Currently the session filter options are primarily limited in detail based on the guest device. I need the ability to filter and link information based on host/staff information. For example, the following session filters could easily provide significant value to distributed enterprise environments:


GuestNetworkAddress = HostNetworkAddress

This group would show all devices on the logged in users currently active network. For traveling techs, this could save quite a bit of time. Low-level techs and onsite staff could be assigned only this group for visibility to easily group only those devices they need access to at that time.

Enterprise/Vendor Domain rules for filtering:

GuestLoggedOnUserDomain = HostLoggedOnUserDomain


GuestMachineDomain = HostMachineDomain

Other host/staff details could be exposed for additional benefit. For example, "HostRole", "HostOrganization", and it would be awesome if we could have variable field input for user accounts meta information, the same as devices. HostCustomPropertyN, for example. This would allow far broader controls for grouping and permissions.

Much of this is possible through workarounds using Notes, but imagine the power of using custom property fields for staff to associate things like GuestOperatingSystemName for those staff that are only skilled in a specific OS.