Let your clients, who pay, decide whether or not to see surveys.

Tessa 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 3

It's ridiculous that I get prompted 50+ times a day to enter "what I think" about your product.  Your product is great, EXCEPT the fact that I get these surveys constantly!!! I've seen other forums on the same topic so I don't understand why this feature is still pestering me.  I'm giving you false reviews just to make it stop!  I saw one of your techs mention that the pop up rate is at 5%, there is absolutely no way this is true.  I would say 25%-45% of the time I receive one of these, it's such a hassle that I've come here to rant!

PLEASE get rid of this feature!  I'm not changing my app config and reinstalling the agent to fix a problem that you caused...


Agreed. Have filled out that survey like a 1000 times. They ignore it. Is so annoying when you pay for something and then they force something unwanted on you. Just like Foxtel adding ads to Pay TV. As soon as there is a decent competitor. Bam the whole client base disappears.

Yeah we're not very happy about this either.  We're a paying customer please don't pester us unless you want a bill for the precious second it takes us to close this window multiple times a day.