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One session, two hosts, file receive goes to both

Krzysztof Pigłowski 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

When using receive file and have more than one host connected to same session file download goes to each host's default download folder. 

This is happening while using different user logins to screenconnect portal and different host IPs. (Tested from office and home at once)

tested in service ticket 9094920.

Seen in latest 6.2 and before in 6.1.

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Thank you for participating in the ConnectWise Control product forum. The behavior you describe is by design. As such, I am moving this thread to the Feature Request portal so that our Product Management team can review your comment.




It looks like a security issue from my perspective - users can unknowingly send copies to files to a different session which in connection with the option to allow guests (host share) to share session means files can end up in unplanned locations..