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Ability to connect to guest when their DNS is not working

RyanG 7 years ago updated by Alain GROSS 3 years ago 12 1 duplicate

I would like to have the ability to make a host connection to a guest even if the guest's DNS is not functioning by way of having them check into my Control server by IP if DNS resolution fails. In CW Automate we have the ability to do this by specifying both a FQDN and an IP for Automate agents to check in with. 

This may only be workable with a self hosted Control server with a static IP so it wouldn't need to be exposed by default. I think this would be something we would need to add to the app.config since it would need to be on the guest side. Another possibility might be for the Control agents to remember and keep checking into the last resolved IP address if the system DNS stops resolving the FQDN.

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This is a must have.  In the case that a clients DNS server is down this would provide an alternate "in" to the site.

+1.  This would also be great so on-prem servers could easily failover to a remote location and all agents would automatically fail over.  This is available in CW Automate as RyanG said.


+1.  I really like the idea of automatically caching the last resolved IP address.  No setup, just increased reliability and usability on day 1.

New to CW Control, already had challenges with this when a customer's environment DNS is down. Need the ability to specify alternate URI for the client to connect to such as FQDN + IP Address.

CW Automate has this functionality. Vote for feature parity on this. Caching works as well, though caching can lead to additional troubleshooting when cache has invalid entry (I'm thinking OpenDNS not being able to find host and providing a generic response rather than host not found).

This is a MUST HAVE, just had the situation yesterday were the client's DNS configuration became invalid after the removal of a VPN client.  CW control became useless at this point.   Maybe as an additional idea:  add the ability to do internal DNS lookups with DNS servers specified in the CW config, as a failover in case the DNS lookups through the OS configuration fails.

This is a MUST HAVE for us, too!

It has been a few years. Is this going to be implemented? I had this with Go To Assist? 

Hi Ibakerian,

This issue was fixed and implemented on 20.7 build. Kindly check the version your instance is on. You might want to upgrade your instance to the latest stable version. If you still face the issue after the upgrade, do let us know the error you get or anything which can help us debug the issue.

You can install the latest build manually from the below link:

Hope this helps.

Can you give any details on what was actually implemented?  Like does the guest cache the server IP itself, is it harder when the guest is installed or does it have a hard set backup DNS server it uses?

Here version 21.13.4914.7937 and all locals clients are down if local dns does not resolve fqdn.

Is there any documentation on how this feature should be working ?

We are on 21.6.3172.7787 so that is not the issue. We still have this issue. AD Server goes now at a client site and we cannot use Control to remote into anything as DNS is down at the clients location. We are running GoToAssist on servers now just so we can remote in when DNS goes down as Control does not work. Any fixes here. We are hosted on ConnectWise servers.