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tag sessions extension

mhighsmith 7 years ago updated by Newton Carmona 5 years ago 3

I like the idea of this but currently any session that is tagged under the tag sessions extensions are viewable by all people logged in. Is there a way that this tag session group is only seen by each individual user and only their tag systems are in it. currently all tagged systems are in the group and the SG is seen by all users. Also if the extension is removed can the tags and group be removed automatically?


+1 for user-role security.  Ex.  We have a session group for an organization, and want to allow an end-user to connect to their machine.  Instead of setting up a completely separate session group just for 1 individual, use a tag of "John Smith" (possibly comma-separated for multi-user?), and be able to set permissions for the user, based on the tag.  This could also be useful for contract-based tech support.

This would be awesome. I'm building out a control instance and came to the forums to suggest this idea. Please add this feature control gods... 


This is a great idea to have this option available in Control for security purpose